Do you require better lighting outside your property to feel safe?

Like with any property, there are always dark areas around your home or office that need external lighting. Here at Stagg Electrical we like to advise clients on the best possible routes to secure their property using lighting to deter the types of individuals that use darkness as an opportunity to get into your property.

Sensor lighting

Security lighting is often used to deter trespassing and other criminal activities on a property. They aim to do this by accomplishing the following:

• Improving the level of illumination and safety for security personnel

• Supporting other security systems (i.e. cameras)

• Improving the likelihood of identifying intruders either in person or on video tape

Here at Stagg Electrical, Rockingham to Mandurah’s trusted electricians, we offer security lighting installation services designed to cover these and more areas. If security cameras are what you also need we highly recommend CIA Security, a local Perth based company.

Types of security lighting we offer our clients:

• Garage door lamps

• Doorway lamps

• Timed lighting

• Motion-triggered lighting

• Solar flood lights

• Fluorescent exterior security lights

Security lights are good only when they are placed in well positioned areas. If you install a flood light at the main entrance and not in the backyard then it won’t serve your purpose as there are still access points. This is the reason why you must hire a trustworthy electrician who will set up the whole system of your security lighting in the best positions.