Safety Switches (RCDs)

Information about RCD laws

A minimum of two RCDs protecting all power and lighting circuits must be fitted to a residential property before it can be sold and the transfer of title takes place. Penalties apply if RCDs are not fitted and the land title is transferred to another person.

I have purchased a new property and all the socket outlet and lighting circuits are not protected by two RCDs. What do I do?

This step is normally assessed prior to a purchase taking place and should be information that is seeked prior to purchase by the real estate agent and settlement agent. However if it has been overlooked please follow the below steps;

• Contact the previous owner and ask them to fit the RCDs to comply with the law.

• If the previous owner does not arrange for the RCDs to be fitted, then send them a written request. Keep a copy of this letter.

• If the previous owner fails to fit the RCDs within a reasonable time, send EnergySafety a copy of the letter requesting the previous owner to fit the RCDs, a copy of the title for the property (showing the date of transfer of the title) and a photograph of the main switchboard (where the RCDs should be located).

• Complaints can be sent via email to or by post to Locked Bag 14, Cloisters Square WA 6850.

• Once EnergySafety receives this information, we will arrange for the relevant Network Operator to inspect the installation and if RCDs are required to be fitted, issue an Order.

• Following the issue of an Order you must fit the RCDs. You can also seek reimbursement of the cost but this is a civil matter between the owners.

• EnergySafety will investigate your complaint.