Cost effective electrical repairs

Here at Stagg Electrical we want to save you time and at the same time money when you require electrical repairs in Perth. We pride ourself on our trustworthy, efficient and reliable workmanship. Stagg Electrical's certified electricians are experts and provide a reliable, quick response emergency repair service available 24/7. Be rest assured you are covered if the worst happens.. When you need emergency electrical repair services in Perth, give Stagg Electrical a call!

Some examples of the repair services that we provide include:

General rewiring services for fixtures and appliances

Safety testing of smoke alarms and circuits

Electric hot water system repairs and installations

Repairs, upgrades, and safety testing of switchboards including fuses and circuit breakers

When you notice a problem with your switchboard, or discover a potential electrical hazard in your home or office, it is essential to do something about it. It is never worth the risk to leave it alone. Faulty appliances and circuits experience greater losses and will be less efficient, wasting energy and your money.

For more information regarding the products and services that we provide or for any other general enquiries, get in touch with your reliable local electricians at Stagg Electrical.