Power Outlets

Do you need additional power outlets?

If you have dozens of extension cables and power boards in use in your home or business then its time to have additional electrical outlets installed. Additional electrical outlets can often be installed without the need to repaint and replaster. It just depends on your existing electrical cables, the amount of power drawn from the circuit and where you want the additional outlets.

Sometimes it is easy to convert a single power outlet to a double or duplex outlet allowing you two or more plugs rather than the one. Also if you need an outlet on the other side of the wall of an existing outlet, this too can sometimes be a fairly easy job for us qualified electricians.

If you are concerned about safety for babies and toddlers you also have the option to convert power points that are within their reach into child safe outlets. Contact us for further information.

With our increasing use of outdoor areas to include outdoor decks and patios, outdoor outlets are becoming increasingly popular and we can install these for you too! If you have any outdoor electrical outlets that have become loose or weathered we can even fix these up for you to make your home safe once again.

Installing electrical outlets is often not an expensive outlay, particularly as we do not charge a call out fee during business hours. We do however recommend that if there are other electrical jobs that you need doing, we recommend you put a list together enabling us to do all the work for you quickly and efficiently, saving you time and further costs.