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Electrical and lighting things to consider when building
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Consider mixing lighting solutions;

We are big believers in using a mixture of lighting solutions; wall washes, low hallway wall lights, floor lamps, pendants, step lights. We even suggest researching into new products, like ‘extrusion’ lighting which is a more sleek and commercial looking product. If you don’t have an expert to help you plan your lighting, we suggest taking the time to research all the lighting options out there before making final decisions, develop a plan that works and will add interest to your home.

Automate lighting;

We also suggest adding some automatic lights; a sensor when you open the pantry and in the garage — so you don’t need to fumble in the dark. Small thoughtful details like this can make living in your home more comfortable.

Power point placement matters;

We often see The Block judges giving the contestants flak for positioning power points in sight but truth is, sometimes they need to be. You may think to put a power point in the dining room behind where the sideboard will be but what if you want to work on a laptop or charge a phone? In the bathroom you could put the power points inside the face cabinets but that would mean that if you want to straighten your hair/ use a hairdryer, you would need the cabinet door to be open and you wouldn’t be able to use the mirror. Our advice is to place the power points where it’s most practical and to make them discrete by choosing nice covers which makes them discrete. .

Consider the switches;

Lighting switches have come a long way and there are some truly stylish options on the market now. Our new favourite is the Saturn Zen range which comes in matt black and white, and you can even replace the buttons with personalised images like a laundry, garage etc so you won’t be flicking every switch on until you find the right one!

In-wall vacuum systems need to be planned early;

These systems need to be put in before the walls are plastered so if you’re thinking about one, plan early. We can help you decide where to put the outlets, measuring the distance from each outlet to ensure the vacuum hose would reach every room, in and around the furniture that would be placed there.

Make provisions if you’re unsure or budget restricts;

Building can be expensive and unfortunately by the time it comes to lighting and electrical, the budget can be blown and those ideas of an integrated sound system, theatre room or statement pendant light might have to be financially put on hold. Our advice is to make provision for these things by running the cabling you need to those areas — that way you can add them when the timing is right.